Adding a few more projects to the list...

by Jesse Noller

...Or wherein I figure out all the things, right?

In addition to cutting the cord on my previous webhost due to the utter meltdown they had when I announced the Redesign and rapidly swapping DNS providers and all of my years of data over into my new host (squarespace, fwiw) - I've managed to add a few more things onto the queue.

(Intentionally not talking about PyCon - let's just say that there's big news coming on Monday... Stay Tuned.)

First up is "From Python Import Conference" - this is me finally putting the wheels to the roads with a plan many of us involved in organizing Python (and other conferences) throughout the years.

I want to cover everything from the simple considerations (how many tracks, how many people) to the more complex ones like budgeting, hotel venue negotiation, marketing, sponsorship, etc. It's a tall task - and anyone who wants to help is very welcome.

All the code (sphinx) is up on github. Please, join in!

Next up, is something that has also been brewing in my head since I started working with the PyCon Program Committee awhile ago. What really triggered me on this is this tweet between Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Selena Deckelmann.

What started as a twitter conversation, rapidly turned into an idea burning my brain. So, a new social experiment was born:

Speak Up!

Speakup - I hope, will become a mentorship group for helping those wanting to speak, or become better speakers, or learn how to navigated call for proposals, etc for conferences. I wrote a pretty extensive Mission Statement. Obviously everything is a bit raw, but once again all the source is on github and I am adding issues to the tracker to help guide the project.

We already have 10 mentors! Please join us, file issues, give us suggestions - anything.

The idea behind making a safe, welcoming and guided area to mentor people from all walks of life, to help increase our diversity of speakers across the board is a good one, I think.

PyCon 2013? Well - let's just say things are going really well :)