Here you'll find a list of "other things" I've written - either book forwards, articles for magazines or content for other blogs. It's not exhaustive - just some of the best of or most interesting things I've been lucky enough to write at other places than this blog. I've also listed books where I was lucky enough to be a technical editor for as well.

Python Magazine Articles

While Python Magazine was short-lived, I was very lucky to act as a content editor/technical reviewer and also write some articles I'm pretty proud of. Since the magazine is defunct, but they gave me license to republish the articles here, these are links to the republished articles.

Book Contributions

I've been lucky to be involved in a few books - either as an technical reviewer, or in the case of two books - I was honored and lucky to write the foreward to them.

Other Blogs

I've written a bit "elsewhere" - here's a small collection of posts from other places: